Compensation during Air France Lufthansa strike

Compensation during Air France Lufthansa strike

Between 15 September 2014 and 22 September 2014, the pilots of Air France are going to strike. 15 and 16 September it is expected that the pilots of Lufthansa are on strike.

About 50% of all their flights will be cancelled and a lot of passenger will be affected.

The ‘famous’ 261/2004 regulation, protects EU-passengers during cancellation, denied boarding and delays longer than 3 hours of their flights. However, there are exceptions for natural disasters and strikes.

The exception of the exception
If employees of the airline themselves are on strike AND if the strike has been announced in advance, then the compensation up to € 600 per passenger has to be paid to the passenger! In both cases, for Air France and Lufthansa, this is the case. The pilots of AF and LH are on strike AND the strikes have been announced already a week in advance.

Therefore use our claim-tool below to check if your flight is also eligible for compensation. NOTE: If your flight was due to depart on, let’s say, 22 September. You can NOT claim in advance, you can only claim AFTER 23 September.

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